New York Modeling Jobs for 2015

New York is arguable the fashion capital of the United States, if not the world. This makes models highly sought after for the all the available work. Because there is so many opportunities, there is also a lot of competition for work. You must be willing to put in a huge amount of effort to break into this exciting industry, but the rewards can be astounding. Many of the high end designers want models to have a lot of experience, so it is important to build your resume with as much work as possible. With hard work and a little bit of luck, we may see you on the catwalk sooner than you think.

Because it is one of the major centers for fashion and design in the world, modeling jobs in New York are plentiful. In addition to high end runway work, models may choose any number of other avenues in order to make a decent living in the modeling field. Trade shows, fairs, print work, hostessing events, and many other options are available. New York also has a great deal of advertising work and broadcast work available for models. Working with one of the larger modeling agencies in the city is a good way to find more opportunities. Larger agencies often have multiple jobs for which they are casting models at any given time. While opportunities are plentiful, only the top models generally make enough money to consider this their full time career. Many models work occasionally and do other work to supplement their modeling income. Modeling in New York can be a rewarding experience when it is undertaken with the aid of one of the professional and reputable agencies in the city.

Casting Kid Models/Actors for CBS Pilot

Casting Kid Models/Actors for CBS Pilot

ABC’s Modern Family not only reinvigorated the network TV sitcom upon it’s debut but changed the way family-friendly stories can be told and now one of the series producers is set to break the mold yet again with his very own spin on the half hour comedy. An all new CBS comedy pilot has been… Read More »

The Get Down on Netflix

Nationwide Casting for The Get Down on Netflix

Models, dancers, singers, actors, entertainers of all ages – Get ready to get down. The Netfilx series The Get Down is set to begin shooting all new episodes very soon and auditions for some very, very exciting roles for aspiring talents have just been announced. From the brilliant and unmistakably unique minds of Academy Award… Read More »

Arms And The Dudes - Movie Casting

Arms And The Dudes – Movie Casting

His knack for combining hilarious comedy with outrageous adventure has produced some of the most beloved movies of the past two decades including The Hangover Franchise, Old School and Road Trip and now writer-director Todd Phillips is set to explore this pairing in a real world setting with Arms And The Dudes. Auditions for a… Read More »

Casting Models For Diesel Watch Campaign

Casting Models For Diesel Watch Campaign – NYC

The Diesel watch brand is one that exudes a level of style and innovation that is soley it’s own in the marketplace and now the company is looking for the same in a new crop of models as it casts the faces of an all new online ad campaign. Male and female models are being… Read More »

Casting For Supernatural on The CW

Casting For Supernatural on The CW

  You know it, you love it, now you could be cast in it. Supernatural, The CW’s longest running scripted series, is back once again with all new episodes and now auditions are back with all new chances for up and coming models to make their break in a primetime television sensation. This global hit… Read More »

Casting Call For Bud Light Commercials

Casting Call For Bud Light Commercials – NYC

Are you ready to take your modeling career to the next level? Are you ready to gain huge exposure by being a face of one of the most popular and recognizable brands in the world? An brand new casting opportunity has been announced for Bud Light commercials and up and coming modeling talent is being… Read More »

Model Casting Calls For Sharknado 3

Model Casting Calls For Sharknado 3

A tornado filled with sharks once? shame on them. A tornado filled with sharks twice? Shame on us. A tornado filled with sharks three times? It’s shaping up to be a casting opportunity bonanza for up and coming modeling hopefuls. That’s right, Sharknado 3 (!) has been given the green light and roles for a number… Read More »

Model Casting For The Vampire Diaries

Model Casting For The Vampire Diaries – The CW

The CW supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries features some of the most intriguing stories and hottest actors on television today and soon you could have the opportunity to be a part of it. Auditions for roles in all new episodes of TVD are taking place now and submissions are being accepted from up and coming… Read More »

Casting For Rings - Movie

Casting For Rings – Movie

It started with a simple videotape and grew into a hit horror film franchise seen around the world. Now an all new chapter in The Ring story is set to be told. Rings will be rolling in front of cameras very soon and casting calls for up and coming talent have been announced. Aspiring models… Read More »

Auditions For The Originals

Auditions For The Originals – The CW

The world created in the long-running CW drama The Vampire Diaries has been expanded even further with the spin-off series The Originals and millions of fans around the world are hooked. Now a fresh batch of sensational supernatural stories are set to begin filming and casting directors are on the lookout for up and coming… Read More »