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Casting Call for New ABC Series ‘Downward Dog’

Casting directors are looking for a dog to play a role in ABC’s comedy series ‘Downward Dog’. The casting call is for all the canine pet owners who think that they have perfectly trained their pooch. If you think that your dog can play a small role in this new comedy show, then you are… Read More »


Casting Call for ‘Containment’ Extras in Atlanta Needed

Containment, a new viral series of CW is in production in the Atlanta area. The casting directors of the series are looking for actors to play extras. About ‘Containment’ CW’s new series ‘Containment’ portrays a unique scenario of a deadly virus unleashing in a heavily populated city. The series also portrays the horrific picture of… Read More »

Chris Brown/Pit Bull Music Video

Casting Models for Chris Brown/Pit Bull Music Video

They are two of the biggest names in music today and now they are about to shoot the video for what is sure to be one of the biggest singles of the year and a number of female models could soon be a part in it. Pitbull and Chris Brown are set to take the world… Read More »

Auditions for The Walking Dead

Auditions for The Walking Dead – AMC

There are no three more exciting words in television today than The Walking Dead and that excitement is set to reach a fever pitch with an all new season of the series that elicits mind-boggling levels of both joy and fear in millions of fans around the world. Production on the next batch of episodes… Read More »

Dirty Grandpa Starring Zac Efron

Casting for Dirty Grandpa Starring Zac Efron – Movie

One man has portrayed the most memorable film Godfather of all time, one will be remembered forever for his High School Musical skills and now both of these talented performers are coming together in an all new comedy film. Dirty Grandpa starring Oscar winner Robert De Niro and heartthrob Zac Efron is set to begin shooting… Read More »

Auditions for The Magnificent Seven

Auditions for The Magnificent Seven – Movie

One of Hollywood’s hottest stars of the moment and one of it’s biggest stars of all time are teaming up on an incredible new feature film project and you could soon be chosen to be a part of it. Auditions for open roles for models in The Magnificent Seven starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt are… Read More »

Casting Roles In Banshee

Casting Roles In Banshee – Cinemax

The Cinemax thriller Banshee has gained a loyal following of fans with it’s unique blend of mystery, drama and action and now the show that has only just begun to hit it’s creative stride is rolling in front of cameras for an all new batch of sensational stories. Banshee tells the gripping and layered story… Read More »

Casting Models for TaylorMade Commercial

Casting Models for TaylorMade Commercial – SC

TaylorMade, a worldwide leader in sporting goods and apparel are set to launch an aggressive new marketing campaign and step one of their full scale retail assault is an exciting new commercial shoot that is set to roll in front of cameras very soon. Auditions are being organized now for open roles and interested models… Read More »

Casting Kid Models/Actors for CBS Pilot

Casting Kid Models/Actors for CBS Pilot

ABC’s Modern Family not only reinvigorated the network TV sitcom upon it’s debut but changed the way family-friendly stories can be told and now one of the series producers is set to break the mold yet again with his very own spin on the half hour comedy. An all new CBS comedy pilot has been… Read More »