Body Parts Modeling

There are different categories of modeling jobs and agencies such as fashion, commercial, glamour and promotional modeling. However, modeling is not just all about models walking on the runway in full dresses or full body photos in magazines as there is also a type of modeling that only focuses on certain body part of the model. Paid body part modeling jobs is a unique type of modeling as this only focuses on a particular part of the body such as the legs, feet and hands of the model.
There are also specific qualifications for a body part that is supposed to be taken photos. Should you want to become a model in this type of modeling job, you must meet all of the requirements needed for the body part that you want to model. You must also be able to hold your pose for a long time and relax when shooting.

Paid body part modeling jobs and agencies belong to both commercial and fashion modeling. An example of this type of modeling is hand modeling wherein models with long slender and size fingers are chosen to be taken pictures of their hands. Good nails, clear skin with no irregular color or blemishes and smooth hands are also taken into consideration for hand models. Applying for paid body part modeling jobs is much the same the other types of modeling jobs such as comp cards, a portfolio of your best pictures and looking for an agency to look a job for you are needed. It may be strange for you to hear this type of job but you can actually earn a lot by just modeling a part of your body that has a special quality and attractive. If your body parts have the quality that the paid body part modeling jobs are looking for, then you might be one of the most sought after model specialized in body part modeling.

Different body parts are used and the quality of each will depend on the required features for a certain campaign. Some may require thin legs, beautiful hands, old hands and a lot more that will catch the attention of the target audience of the company which hired you as their body part model. If you maintain a good figure, you may even be fit for the other categories of modeling jobs that will increase your income. The most common body parts that are subjected to paid body part modeling jobs are the hands and feet. Models should have soft hands that will be able attract costumers and sell products such as nail polish or fashionable rings. Shapely legs are also one of the most common body parts that are used for paid body part modeling jobs. The model’s legs should be waxed, free from varicose veins or blemishes as well as they must keep it moisturized that should be able to promote products such as lotions, creams, stockings, razors and a lot more. If you think that your body part has a unique feature to offer and has passed the requirements of particular modeling job, then be confident and go for it.

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  1. Duron D. Gaskins
  2. cathy lounibos

    Older female with thick, brownish red hair. I’d like to try hair modeling. I’ve been told my hairline is nice.

  3. Jacqueline

    Hello my name is Jacqueline & I live in Tampa, FL. I’ve been modeling for about 8 years. Ive done videos, hosted events, runway & print modeling and voice over work.
    24 yrs old
    B: 33
    W: 25
    H: 37
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Shoe: 9.5

  4. Christine N.

    I have a petite frame, 5″3 inches tall. You could view my profile pictures on
    twitter @XineNdule
    Instagram – angel_tyces (birdie)..
    Would appreciate a reply..Thanks

  5. Zara

    Hi my name is Zara. I’m from Bali, raised in Jersey. I’m 5’3″, 120lbs, 26 years old but I look 20. I’m always told I have thick, soft LIPS with a beautiful smile and clean skin. How can I get more information about that? Thanks a bunch!

  6. Jenn

    Hi! I really am just trying to find mini jobs as well as a second part time job for my college tuition right now. I have really long eyelashes that reach up near my eyebrows. I don’t know if that’s a good quality to have for this though. I’m also really small and am only 4’9″ with short brown hair and dark brown eyes that change in the light too. I don’t have a portfolio or anything either. I did do some modeling pictures at glamour shots when I was a child though, but that’s about it. I felt it might have been worth a shot since I do like modeling and has been a long forgotten dream when I was a child.

  7. Matthew Mancuso

    I’m a 5’7″ Caucasian male
    I’m very fit, toned, and athletic
    Modeling is dream of mine
    I know if you choose me you won’t regret it
    Contact me please if you’re interested
    I’m really great in front of the camera

  8. Karen

    Hello my name is Karen Chew… I’m Guatemalan, Mexican and Chinese and people always tell me I should be an EYE model. I have Hazel eyes, dark skin, wavy black hair and my eyes also have freckles inside them. Can I please have more information on how to acquire an EYE modeling job?

    Truly appreciate it

  9. stephanie

    Hello there. I’m Stephanie Michelle. I’m 20 years old. “Gemini”
    I love to dance and model. Ever since I was a toddler/kid I just loved to dance and strike a few poses. Lol I’m smart, gorgeous, outgoing and most of all fun! I hate Drama. Live live to the fullest and do what makes you and your loved ones happy. Follow your heart/dreams, that’s why I’m chasing after mine. My height is ‘5 4’. I’m ethnicities would be Hispanic, Caucasian, american Indian. Weight would be 128 lbs. I have dark brown hair and of course I’m a brown eyed beauty. -___-

  10. AJ

    Im a 14 year old and I would love to be a hand modeli’m a African American and native America female i’m 5’4 & 1/2.Please contact me if you have any more questions.

  11. Morgan Eberly

    It has been a dream of mine to be some type of leg model, specifically a jean model.

  12. Mykhailo Shuliak

    my name is Mykhailo (Misha),i am 20 years old.i am not beutiful enough to be a promotional model but deviding me into parts you will find necessary material.waiting for you guys ,i need money 😉

  13. dawn carletti

    hi my name is dawn i am 46 years old and i look like im 30 years old i have great legs and a great bottom

  14. Mikayla Shafer

    Hello, I am Mikayla. I’m sorry 14 (109 lbs) and I have played soccer for a long 9 years. Every season. I have an athletic body, I’m short, but fit. I also, have very unique eyes you wouldn’t want to pass over. One eye is blue, the other is green. I have a face with no zits. I would love the opportunity. Thank you

  15. Mikaela Nau

    Mikaela Nau
    22 years old
    113 lbs
    Extremely fit legs. (I workout at least 5 times a week/lift)

  16. kalliyah

    Kalliyah ray
    Shoe :
    Please Email me with more information

  17. feliciapack

    Hi my name is Felicia pack and I went to be a modeling be I no I can do at for me and make money

  18. Mj Brazys

    Hello, My name is Marijonas Brazys.
    -My eyes are blue/green ( change in light)
    – My waist is 30″
    – Im 6ft 11inch
    – Im 19 years old
    – Muscular (Ex-Gymnist)
    – Still constantly working out 5-6 times aweek.
    – Willing to work long hours.
    – Hair color is light brown.
    – Light skin.
    – 170 pounds (5.6% body fat)
    – Shoe size 11
    Thank you for your time.

  19. La'Keit Randall

    La’Keit Randall
    Male, 15 years
    shoes: 9.5
    height: 5’5
    weight: 126
    eyes: brown
    jacket: 24/25
    sleeve: 24
    Inseam: 30.5
    waist: 31
    waist down: 37.5
    smooth dark skinned complexion

  20. Gabrielle Bennett

    Hi, I would love to give this a try to see if its for me. I have very soft, skinny fingers and soft, narrow feet. I love the way my feet look in high heels. I’ve been told I have very toned legs as well. I like to exercise and stay fit. Have a nice day and thanks.

  21. Carol

    I’m a 19 year old student with chubby cheeks and a great personality, I can work very well with people and I’m willing to do just about anything from magazine spreads to tv and commercials. I know I’ve got what it takes, I would just like to be given the chance to prove myself.


    My name is Krystina, I am 19 years young, Hispanic and White
    5′ 6″ 115lbs. fair skin, bright brown eyes,
    thick waist length chestnut brown hair
    and a beautiful smile.
    I am an energetic, open minded girl with a great personality whom decided to start exploring life’s opportunities available for me.
    I am an easy going fun spirited person that is also serious and dedicated to my commitments.
    Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you.

  23. james

    A lot of people say I can be a hand and foot model because of my hands, fingers, cuticals, and my skin. I am a man, but they say I have hands of a women and as well as my feet. don’t know about that but they say my hands and feet are very soft and my nails if you prefer grows as long as a womens. Maybe because of the high calcium in my body and my fingers are as slim as a women. I am very light skin. Mother white father light skin black. Anyway just a little description. I would love to be a parts model. very nice looking guy. but I am sure others look better then me. Anyway hope to hear from someone. Thank you.

  24. james wilson

    I am an 18 year old male. I am from jacksonville, Fl .
    I would love to an upper body model for any company
    That is legit. I have the physique of a twenty year old, and im
    a senior in high school. I am a work out-aholic!
    I am 5’4 or 5’5. Plus, I wiegh 120 but, my marvelous bulk seems
    To estimate 140 to on-lookers. Im the perfect specimen for workout
    commercials, or photo model. If you want perfection im the freak of nature you want.

  25. Fabián

    If you need a body part eyes
    Modeling I got beautiful green eyes. Contact me.

  26. Susan Sutton

    I have always wanted to be a foot model. I wear an 8 to 8 1/2 in shoes. I have a very narrow foot with a high arch very slender feminine looking toes. I would love to become a foot model. I am willing to learn more. Maybe if there is a place to submit pictures I would be more than happy to send some. I’m looking at getting a portfolio done. If anybody is interested please contact me via email. Thank you

  27. Paul

    I am a calf and leg model, please contact me for work in the Philadelphia / NYC area.

  28. Chelsey Bennett

    Only one posted!! So here are the others! 😀
    Chelsey Bennett
    Ethnicity: Italian
    HT: 5’5
    Weight: 110
    Hair: Auburn Brunette
    Eyes: Honey Brown
    I love working out and keeping myself fit and in shape! Modeling has always been a dream and its starting to become a reality!

  29. Chelsey Bennett

    HI! I am Chelsey Bennett from OKC, OK and I would love to be a model for the company! I know that I could model it all.. Lingerie, bathing suits, casual and sport wear; as well as makeup and eye lashes. Everyone thinks my eyelashes are fake because the are so uniquely beautiful and long. I have a photos from my portfolio and I would be honored if you would take a look at a few. I will try to attach some that way you can put a face with the comment! Thank you for this opportunity.

    Chelsey Bennett

  30. Sally Kargbo

    I have sexy ass body so it’s won’t be a problem so just email me

  31. Gabriela Santiago (Gabiee Santi)

    I’m an 18 year old Puerto Rican female. I’m 5’8″ weigh around 135lb, and slim. I would love to do body part modeling. My preference would be make up, hair, or feet. If you think you may be interested please contact me.

  32. zana

    Hello my name is Zana im Serbian i have long legs great eyes im 5.9 125 pounds thank you so much for your time hope to hear from you soon

  33. Kacey Dillon

    Sex: Female
    Age: 27
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eye: brown

    My Favorite parts of my body are my HAIR, EYES, FINGERS, STOMACK!!!

  34. Saige Shuquem

    Great hands and feet with nicely shaped nail beds. Long fingers and toes. 14, Phoenix, size 7 shoes

  35. Katryn Munoz

    Hello, I’m Katryn and I am 14 years old, I live in South Florida. I am very interested in being a hand model because I have the hands of a woman, I also have very long fingers, my hand are very soft, and my nails are thin and wide. Thank you for your support.

  36. Tiara Ousley

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 110

    I wear stilettos almost everyday. I can do runway, hair shows, glam modeling, parts modeling, etc.
    Best features: Lips, eyes.

  37. Lauren


    Name: Lauren
    Age: 126
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 126
    Shoe size: 7
    Skin: Tan
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Chest 32 B
    Waist 24
    Hips: 36
    Dress Size: Small, 2-4

  38. Liz Cey

    Hi My name is Liz and I am 5’11 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I would really like to model or just my feet. Thanks for your time!

  39. Gabrielle Cook

    Hi, my name Gabrielle Cook,Gabby for short.
    I’m 5’5,120 lbs.,and 16 years old.
    I’ve just recently been thinking about modeling,and body parts modeling is something I’m quite interested in.
    I’m very slim,always complimented on my eyes and legs.
    My eyes are baby blue.Although they change from light to dark,sometimes changing to grey.
    My legs are always complimented upon and I’ve been told that I have a body for modeling.
    Contact me by email if interested for more info,and photos if you’d like.

  40. victoria clark

    hello, my name is Victoria Clark, and I would like to model my green/hazel eyes because im always getting complements on them another is my lips ,by the way Im a 19 year old woman mixed with black white and Cherokee Indian,if you are interested please contact me thanks for your time.

  41. Christina

    My name is Christina and I am interested in body parts for modeling. My lips are naturally big and beautiful and I always get compliments on how beautiful or nice they are. I also have great looking legs and nice hands. I would love to have the opportunity to model these body parts.

  42. lillie nicholson

    i can model and my body is fabulous ! please contact me asap…im 18 5″6 dark shined and willing to do anything to become a model

  43. Justine Carifio

    I’m interested In legs modeling, I’m 5’11 and very slender and am 26

  44. jeff geddes

    I wAnt work.if like what u see

  45. Monae Gordon

    Hi my name is monae and my dream is to become a model since i was 5 years old i wish icould get the opportunity now that iam 24
    average body type
    outgoing,independent, wonderful personality.

  46. Paige

    Name: Paige J
    Hometown: Staten Island, NY, currently reside in Texas
    Eye color: Green/Hazel
    Hair color: Brown
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Age: 23
    Height: 5’5
    Gender: Female
    Bust: 32B
    Waist: 23
    Hips: 32
    Dress: 0
    Shoe: 8
    I am very much interested in being recognized for my talent. I have been in a few fashion shows such as SXSW.

  47. vincent

    Hi I’m 14 years old
    Black hair in good shape chest„arms alright legs
    120 pounds
    .im looking for a job that’s perfect for me so I thought; of this
    Great personality:)

  48. Kevin bob

    Hi am 18 years my deepest dream s to be a model am 5.11 feet tall I have brown hair and a charming smile

  49. Crissa Laine

    Hello, my name is Crissa. I do not have any modeling experiences, though I do know how to pose for pictures. I am a beautiful, confident young lady, but I can also be sexy!!. I’m weird but fun to be around! Im not afraid to be myself or sometimes speak mind mind but I do know when to hold my tongue. 😛 I will work very hard into meeting your needs and I won’t give up unless I am uncomfortable.
    —Information about me—

    Height: 5’10-5’11

    Weight: 145

    Bra/Bust: 36 D

    Shirt: Medium

    Pants: 7

    Dresses: 6-7

    Shoes: 8 1/2 -10

    Eyes: Blue-Green (changes)

    Hair: Black w/ a tint of red, Short with half shaved off (natural color is golden brown)

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Tan level: White

    I really hope I get this, thank you for your time. I deeply appreciate it!! (:

  50. Esther Park

    Esther Park. I am Korean American. 5’5, 102 lbs. I’ve been told I have nice hands, nails, and nice lips.

  51. Chris T.

    highly interested in commercial or promotional modeling. anyone in need of a tattoo model im your guy. heavily covered. 6’3 , slim . confident.

  52. stoner mike

    i have 5 beautiful female models i promise they are very beautiful well email if interested i can send pics of them

  53. ivana

    hello. my name is lizziecoture i am 5’7 and weight about 170lbs. i have a beautiful face and a small little gut but once i lose it i have the body you would kill for, i am very intrested in becoming a model. i feel as though everyone should show off their beautiful body in a tasteful way and be comfortable way

  54. dominic zielinski

    very interested. Wont let ya down!
    please and thankyou!

  55. Annie Robertson

    Hi, my name is Annie Robertson. I am 24 years old, brunette, and in shape! I really think I have the legs you have been looking for! Please contact me if you are interested!


  56. Brittany

    My name is Brittany Micallef, I am a young 18 year old model from the city of Melbourne, trying to make it as a professional model. I am also a ‘Tanya Powell Modelling Agency’ Graduate with my Diploma in Grooming & Modelling. I am seeking employment to become a professional model. Please give me that chance

    height: 5’3
    weight: 60kg
    shoes: 8
    clothes: 10
    waist: 28’2 71cm
    bust: 36′ 91cm
    hips: 38′ 97cm

    Thanks for your time Britt 🙂

  57. natalia

    Im 5’7, 19, red hair,green eyes, I am interested in this position.
    I can be contacted through my email

  58. Raven Major

    My name is raven major (16years old); I’m 5’8 very slim/athletic. I have
    Brown hair (neck length) brown eyes (wear gray contacts) and I have broad shoulders.
    I been running track for 4 years, freshman year received 17 medals. I’m a size 2-5,
    Cup: 36B, I love taking pictures of myself, I get a lot of complements on how unique my body is, and this would be a great opportunity to embrace my modeling talent.

  59. natasha

    hi my name is natasha,im 23years of age.1.74 in height,65 in long dark hair,green eyes and im white.been doing modeling from age of 3 and still going strong.fresh face,outgoing and got a great personality.would love to take my modelig a step further or a few steps if thats possible.

  60. Mfundo

    Hi I’m Mfundo Makhangeza. I’m 21 years old and I have slim body. I’ve always wanted to be a body part model. I have great smile,fresh face,good looking body with six park. So now I’m looking forward to get this job. I live in South Africa Kwa-Zulu Natal

  61. krystina worozaken

    i am 5’3 100 lbs and have the body of a gymnast and the face of a star !

  62. Krysty

    Hello my names krysty ,I’m 5’5 ,100lbs ,blonde hair ,blue eyes and very interested in modeling industry. I’m am very friendly and outgoing with an eastcoast/Boston accent and attitude.

  63. joz

    hi there very interested in casual, fashion,commercial and body parts modelling ,im 30 north african ,from brighton and have been doing modeling now for 3 years and im looking for work ,could you help..? im very energetic , big personality, confident and reliable.. thank you

  64. Ravinder Singh Rayat

    hello I am Ravi
    My age 24 year old & hight 5.7′ inch
    I am punjabi boy and i leave in Ropar

  65. Mariana Vergara
  66. Ratheesh.R

    hello sir my name is Ratheesh i like modeling.

  67. edward chavez

    5’3 Mexican/American/Spaniard 14 years old eight pack, big chest, cut big arms, alright legs and im only 115 lb
    contact me on my email for pictures

  68. Markethia Leonard

    Hi, My Name Is Markethia Leonard – (MarKeyTheUh)
    I’m 20 Years Old, 5’4 & 115 lbs. (Slim)
    Fresh Face, Great Smile, Very Ambitious, Outgoing & Fun!
    I’ve Always Dreamed Of Being A Model & Now Im Seeking To Pursue My Dream :).
    Looking For Professional Photographers & Modeling Agencies (Work) & Dedication To Help Build My Portfolio/Future!
    If You’re Interested Please Contact Me Via Email For Contact Info & Pictures.

  69. Emilio Holguin

    5’9 1/2 black/mexican sexy, great looking, athletic body type, funny and a incredible personality.

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