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The modeling industry can be difficult to enter into if one does not know where to begin, or what type of paid modeling jobs they would like. Many people only see the type of models who appear on the catwalks of different upscale fashion shows and those who appear in popular magazines. When looking for paid modeling jobs one must make sure that that meet the requirements, and understand the market. In addition to high fashion modeling there are also jobs as a print model, and a parts model. This article will talk briefly about each of the previously stated modeling jobs.

High fashion or runway modeling typically means models who walk in fashion shows for designers when they are displaying their many collections. Female models in this category are usually at least 5ft 7in with a very slender build, and males are usually 6ft. Some models can earn up to $100,000 for a single shoot or up to $300 an hour for a set timed shoot. It depends on the type of project and the experience that the model has.

Print models are well known, because they appear in popular magazines, catalogs, and commercials that people look at and buy every day. The requirements for a print model are not as demanding as a runway model but are still a little strict at times. Print models are can be between 5ft 0in and 5ft 7in, and although they must maintain great physical condition, they do not have to be a slender as runway models. Print models can make anywhere from $300 plus, again depending on the type of job they are doing, the length of the shoot, as well as if they belong to an agency or not. Print modeling is where most models make their money, and is very plentiful.

Parts modeling is a little different form other types of modeling in that the person doing the modeling may never be known to the public. These types of models only have certain parts of their bodies photographed for ads such as shoe ads, jewelry ads, hair ads, and even ads for certain exercise equipment. Some earn up to $1,200 a day for different campaigns that they do. The disadvantage to being a parts model is that the jobs available are very scarce, and the part of the body that is used must always be in top condition, and ready to be photographed at a given notice.

Whatever paid modeling jobs are desired, one must research and make sure that they are up to the challenge of their desired career.

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