Casting Call For New Reality Show – Atlanta, Georgia

Casting Call For Reality TV Show

Casting Call For Reality TV Show – Atlanta

This new reality show will be a test of your will and how strong minded you are. There will be 5 individuals that will be in charge of taking care of an island resort while it is closed for the winter. You will be completely cut of from the rest of the world. There will be no phones, internet, or even contact with civilization, while you and the other cast mates perform various tasks to keep the island, as well as yourself, from going to shambles.
We are looking for all different types of personalities and you will have to tell us why you think that you are in the right position in your life to take on an adventure like this. Shooting will take place near the end of the year and may go through Christmas and New Years. This new show will surely be an experience that you remember for the rest of your life.

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  1. paige mcneese

    Hi is it too late to audition. Im 25 am a former drug user who lived in a barn w no power I lived in a tool shed and ive lived in car. Im a recovering addict with a year and six months clean time. Im also a model in atlanta and an ive had a good bit of modeling and acting experiance in the last year. Would love a chance to use my talent of having nothing making it something.

  2. Elizabeth Scott

    I’m 20 years old and I love to prove to people I have talent and I want to be seen to show the work who I really am

  3. Kelsye hall

    I am 18 years old. I’m a model based in Atlanta. I am very free spirited and down to earth, I’m goofy and pretty care free but I’m very competitive at the same time! I’m 5″7, 120 ibs, Caucasian, black hair, brown eyes

  4. jacquia bodrick

    i believe im perfect for thiws because its also a challenge for me because im use to being rond people internet and my phone are my life loll i just know i can give your show what it needs to bring awesome ratings on that island

  5. Latecia Graham

    I’m a 19yr old African American female I really don’t like the cold but I can deal with it . I’m a nice person to family and friends

  6. Taffee Ligon

    I am a out going person I love the the wilderness, I am a water barrier sign which represent strength and power.. I am a quick thinker and is great at solving problems hey I think I’m a great candidate.

  7. Christine turner

    I noticed this page is 2012 but I’d like to try my luck anyway!! Hi I’m Christine, I’m 24 but most people think I look a lot younger. I have a very strong work ethic and like to do the job right the first time. I take care of my father and his four story historical home so a big building shouldn’t be a problem for me. He is currently in a living/rehabilitation facility so I have a few good months to do what I’d love to do, becoming an actress. Things about me: 120lbs, dark brown hair(almost black), lightning blue eyes, got an attitude like a cougar lol, & a little crazy, but Old-school crazy (not the bipolar type), I’ve been told I look like Angelina Jo lee, But mostly get “Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci”

  8. Tia V.

    I am great in front of cameras. My defense is my innocent look. I am able to convince people to do things. They don’t think I am capable of the things I do.
    Atlanta, GA
    24yrs old
    brown eyes
    auburn hair
    brown skin
    slim build
    great people person
    somewhat of a comedian

  9. Mansin Russell

    Is it to late to audition or what

  10. Senay Jackson

    To be honest… I’m a thick girl…I can be short tempered..hard headed and strong willed…most times I think…no scratch that i know I’m right. I’ve never tested my limits…never had to. I’d like to see what I can handle..and how long will it take before I break the challenge or this challenge breaks me…

  11. Armetric Frazier

    Please email me. I think that I would be a good fit for your reality show, because I am goofy and can be very mysterious at times.

  12. Trinesha Malcom

    Definitly hit my email !!!:) I would love to test my outdoor skills. I am goofy , fun , ALWAYS smiling , never ever have a temper , get a long with everyone , and i LOVE OUTSIDE .

  13. Ericah

    I’m 19, I am a very friendly person but I get annoyed easily by people. I like to be a leader in a group. I’m 5’0″ and weigh 96lbs. I love adventures and anything outside. I have short hair, shaved it and now it’s growing out. I love scary things such as ghosts, scary movies, anything that will give me chills. I’d be a great choice for this

  14. marine

    Hi My name is Marine i’m 22 I would like to be a model I am a mother of a little girl and I am interested

  15. Joshua Husak

    Hello, I’m josh from Atlanta ga, I am a very diverse , unique individual, I am a business owner in the residentail construction industry, also a finance manager in the new car business , I hunt, fish, and am an outdoor junky… I am a leader not a follower, one who can turn nothing into something with bare minimal. Love the outdoors an iwant to out my skills to the test. I know I can lead a crew in survival in harsh conditions I know I can survive the extreme . I can build, hunt and design anything for myself to survive.. I would be a great canidate for this opening.. I go from whereing suites to doing back breaking working in the outside . Try me I am a outgoing, an can adapt to anyone anywhere…

  16. joseph williams

    im moving to have a new beginning and it would be an honor if i was able to play apart in this reality show.

  17. Katina Young

    Im a outgoing woman love to be around other people,can take on any task and do well under pressure.Im the type of person that has great ideas and when no one can thinkmof the correct plan i will always have the right answer.

  18. diamond

    no kids,husband,school,or family members i really like dont have anything better to do.

  19. Taryn Duncan

    Hey. Well, where to start? I actually stumbled across this looking for modeling opportunities. I just recently thought.. why not do something different? So, I’m going for it. I have been a bartender/server for the past two years and am ready for a different scene. I enjoy doing things that test my abilities. I love a rush. I am a thrill seeker, but at the same time.. I like things to be ‘okay’.. if that makes sense. I am a 20 year old female who likes to practice yoga. I also have a pet pig.. random but yes. A miniature pig to be exact. I love to make people smile. I laugh a lot. I am shy, but will open up to the right people. I enjoy life.. And believe it’s too short not to take risks and dare to do something different. So here I am :).

  20. Jack

    Hello, I am 20 year old Georgia native! I’ve been through two colleges so far and looking for my third. I love fashion, cars, and being the best “man’s man” I can be. Writing is my only academic talent, and I’m passionate about writing about the world around my in as man perspectives as I can manage. Both of my parents are flight attendants which has given me a golden ticket to see the world. I love to travel and hope to continue traveling for the rest of my life. I work fantastically as a team and am very open to compromising and hearing out the opinion of each and every team member. I have no idea what I want to do in life, but maybe this could help me figure it all out!

  21. Camron Blevins

    Im CamRon Blevins well known by the name Royal. I am a African American young male, age 17, a graduate out of highschool as of March 2nd, 2013. I have always been into entertainment every since I was a little boy. Growing up around friends and family with different personalities that all love music and the art of acting and style. It was really never hard for me to get in tune with it all and actually start creating a passion for it. Being that I am young, fresh out of high school and eager to get into special opportunities as far as the work field is concerned I am much more than ready to try something like this out. My acquisitions should further on speak for itself.

  22. kristen Goss

    Hello! Well my name is kristen Goss. Im a Medical AssistantI love meeting new people 😉 and i would love an adventure. I would be a great cast for this show because i love helping others and open to new things but that tends to bite me in the a** it is what it is. Im very strong minded and come from a unique background. My trials became my strength im im willing to put it to the test. 🙂

  23. Koolboislim

    I’m looking for a job asap. I make music like I want to get my music on Television, films, Lp’s and video games. Plus catch me roll in Atlanta. God Bless you guys.

  24. Jai hall

    Hi my name is jai I’m in Atl ga I’m a licensed hairstylist . I’m great with customer service and adapting to my surroundings ..I’ve come from a hard past that has Abled me to learn how to survive and adapt . I think I would add nicely because I work well with others and I know how to Manage a projects or projects



  26. Izalee cooper

    My name is Izalee ..people call,me iza ..i am a very outgoing person love to explore new things I am 19 years old .im very outspoken and very talented in many ways ..very creative mind ..and I think I would be great for this show ..i dont give up…very determined..i can be funny love meeting new people ..i have many ideas I love to put out …i been thru alot but I never stop smiling dad say im goofy ..and my ma say im so serious ..but everyone loves being around,me so I know I will catch those ratings by my different personalites..

  27. Jordon

    I’m Jordon 19 and recently graduated. Had a job working 70 hours a week and just realized it wasn’t what I wanted so I moved to the south and looking to find more out about life and see new places, meet new people. Along with the experience it would help with helping me figure out my long term life goals. This experience sounds fun and I get along with others but I also like the idea of taking care of an island resort. I’m the high school jock with a hard shell and a soft heart. Experiencing new things is the only way to grow in life.


    Hello Casting Crew my name is Kesha; I will be the perfect candidate for the show my personality describes “Adventurous Character” and I live on the EDGE. Natural talent and can relate to any lifestyle the perfect actress knows how turn on and off by living my life to its fullest.

  29. Jessica Stewart

    I’m Jessica Stewart 18, done a year in college but just moved out people call me Redd I can say that I’m Very spontaneous
    Fun outgoing and like to have a good time. I will tell you how i feel no matter what and will put someone in there place if needed. But for the most part I’m easy to get along with and I feel like I would be a great person that would bring lots of entertainment to your show .

  30. Amanda Fay

    I’m Amanda Fay and I’m 19 years old! I am from a small town in Georgia. I am a very kind and loving person but I’m not one to hold back my thoughts. I’m one of the most honest and blunt people you will meet. I feel like one should always tell the truth. My parents are both Youth Pastors at my church. I am in college and am attending KSU. I am in Gamma Phi Beta! I love to go out and have a good time but I also find a balance in my studies. I feel like I’d make a great addition to the show because I’m like an Energizer bunny! I’m always up to meeting a new challenge! I am a go getter and always a fighter.

  31. Princess

    Im Whitney-Jeaneé people call me Princess. im 19 out of school and not working right now. I have been Just doing and serching for modeling jobs and acting. I have plenty of time and willing to have fun. Im super bubbly and sweet little spunky. love to makeing people laugh. I would be great to put on the show….. super cute. and love meeting new people…. my personality is very different from most…. almost like the girl next door but with a little more spunk. 🙂 It would be a great experiance. I love trying new things….

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